Amazing Spider-Man #650 Big Time

I don’t usually preview upcoming comics but this one looks interesting. The new Big Time story line has been a welcome change to Spider-Man. His life is changing a new suit and new job, fighting a new HobGoblin. Who could ask for anything more. The last page of Amazing Spider-Man 649 left Spider-Man in a fix with a hipper sonic HobGoblin about to cut off his head. Crime-fighting has never been so tough.

Amazing Spider-Man 650

And on top of all that on December 15 release date it looks like he will have the new suit maybe one that will protect him from the sonic sounds of the new goblin. Phil Uric looks like a gruesome HobGoblin one that will challenge Spider-Man’s ability to save his life much less the day. This one has all the things that make up a great story. Dan Slott is a decent writer and Huberto Ramos pencils and panels really tell the story. Carlos Cuevas inks and Edgar Delgado colors highlight the art very well. All together a great team effort.

It is Steve Ditko and Stan lee like, in the way the art compliments the story. And the mystery of the new uniform is a great touch. I am sure Spider-Man will be on top before you know it. I for one am pleased with the new direction of Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man. It puts the word Amazing back in comics. Catch you at the comic shop for my copy of Amazing Spider-Man 650. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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