The Green Arrow New Costume For TV Show, Arrow


The first official image from “ARROW”, the TV series which brings Green Arrow to the small screen in live action was released by Warner Brothers. This is also the first shot of Stephen Arnell as Green Arrow

The series is set to debut on THE CW and features many actors from various CW productions based on the strength of the character appear in “SMALLVILLE”. It still remains odd why the character’s full name isn’t in the title, and it is unknown if Oliver Queen will be dubbed Green Arrow in the show itself. As summarized by Newsarama, “ARROW” is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg (“FRINGE”) and David Nutter, who is directing from a teleplay by Kreisberg & Guggenheim, story by Berlanti & Guggenheim. Melissa Kellner Berman is co-executive producer.

In a statement released with that image, director David Nutter said: When I directed the pilot for Smallville, I knew that making Clark Kent reliable would be the key to audiences believing in him as a hero. ‘Arrow’ is a different show – darker and harder-edged – but it’s the same core idea. We’re creating a real, believable world in which Oliver Queen can do incredible things. Colleen Atwood’s great work on the Arrow costume reflects that effort.

The CW is hoping for Fall 2012 Premiere of the pilot and later show. The Green Arrow show Arrow will be shooting for the audience of Smallville to watch and they just may. For you fans of Smallville this may come to a TV near you this year. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt