The Defenders are Back Marvel Comics Preview

The Defenders #1 (2011)
Marvel Feature #1 (1971)

The Defenders is the name of a number of Marvel Comics superhero groups which are usually presented as a “non-team” of individualistic “outsiders,” each known for following their own agendas. The team usually battled mystic and supernatural threats. Its original incarnation was led by Doctor Strange and also included the Hulk, Namor, and as a kind of belated addition, the Silver Surfer. They first appeared as The Defenders in Marvel Feature #1 (December 1971).

Well this Wednesday December the 7th you can read the comic again. Matt Fraction is writing so it got my immediate attention.  I watched an interview about Matt’s story and without relieving the whole direction of the book he did share that the Superheros know there is something wrong but that can’t put there thoughts together enough to figure it out individually but together they have a chance. Well I have no idea what Mr. Fraction is getting to but with his writing skills and the propensity to think in different ways about superheroes and the Marvel Universe I will check this out.

Defenders Title page
Marvel Feature #3


The art is by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. It looks very good you can check the cover and inside art in the post. Marvels Media Release says: Everyone’s favorite Marvel characters banding together to solve a mysterious conspiracy deep at the heart of the Marvel Universe! The Defenders are The last line of defense against the forces of the unknown! I guess that says it all. We will be checking “The Defenders” out I recommend you do also. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt