J. Michael Straczynski on Comics Superman: Earth One, DC Relaunch, Thor Movie and More

J. Michael Straczynski

J. Michael Straczynski has been touted as one of the great writers of this Century.  CBR TV at the San Diego Comic Con this year talks comics with him, what he likes in the industry and how he grades himself as a writer and what the future holds for Straczynski. Below is the lead story from CBR TV and video of the great interview with J. Michael Straczynski. Sorry won’t work on IPhone or IPad. Only on Mac or PC.

J. Michael Straczynski, or JMS to his fans, spoke with CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego where he weighed in with his support of DC Comics’ September relaunch, explaining why he feels the success of his and Shane Davis “Superman: Earth One” graphic novel helped pave the way for the New 52 before delving into what fans can expect for the follow-up to his bestselling interpretation of the Man of Steel. JMS also revisits the reason he left “Superman” and “Wonder Woman,” explaining that DC wanted him to focus entirely on the “Earth One” sequel, tackles the internet’s reaction when the original announcement was made and rates his own work based on a scale where Alan Moore is at 10, from “Midnight Nation” and “Rising Stars” to “Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Twelve.” Continuing on with his talk of “The Twelve,” JMS addresses the delays and the CCI announcement that the series is returning to finish his and Chris Weston’s story.

Finally, JMS talks about working on the Thor movie, from the influence his run on the Asgardian god’s comic had on the film, the trick to both humanizing the character while showcasing his inherent grandeur and his experience while filming his cameo.