AQUAMAN Actress Nicole Kidman May Have Dropped A Pretty Big SPOILER

Nicole Kidman

While doing promotion for her new film The Killing of a Scared Deer, Nicole Kidman spoke about what it’s been like shooting James Wan’s Aquaman movie, and may have inadvertently dropped a big SPOILER…

Nicole Kidman recently returned to The Gold Coast of Australia to continue shooting her scenes as Queen Atlanna for James Wan’s Aquaman movie, and seemed to be very happy about getting back to work on the DC superhero flick.

The Academy Award-winning actress is currently promoting her new film at TIFF, but once again shared her enthusiasm for the role during an interview with THR, and might have hinted at a fairly spoilery plot detail while she was at it.

Lying on a rock covered in blood would certainly seem to suggest that Atlanna will be severely injured at some point in the movie… at the very least. Then again, she could always be relaxing after a hard day killing her enemies.

In the comics, Atlanna actually fakes her own death in order to escape oppressive rule of Atlantis, so that’s also a possibility. By Mark Cassidy