Silver Surfer Gets Cancelled

The solicit for Silver Surfer #14 reads: “Please join us for one final trip around the universe.”

April’s issue of Silver Surfer #10 is estimated to have sold around 15K, which means the title has been long overdue to get cancelled.

A few years ago when Joe Quesada was in charge, titles around the 20-21K mark would get the axe on a regular basis.

Regarding Slott and Allred’s Silver Surfer, I wasn’t a fan at all.

I prefer my Marvel COSMIC to have serious writing and photorealistic art (similar to Annihilation and Abnett and Lanning COSMIC) and not a watered-down childish and goofy take.

Fact is, Slott and Allred’s Silver Surfer wasn’t any better than Lanning COSMIC, so it’s no wonder it failed–similar to the Bendis Guardians and Loeb NINO.

Adios, I say, and bring back Silver Surfer (and Marvel COSMIC) under someone who cares about the character (Sorry, Slott. Not a fan). By Matt McGloin

Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover by JACK KIRBY “EVERYWHERE”
• When the Silver Surfer first told Dawn Greenwood he could take her anywhere
and everywhere, he forgot…that everywhere includes the place where journeys
• Please join us for one final trip around the universe.