New Justice League Movie Details Revealed

Justice League Logo
Justice League Logo

Production continues on the upcoming Justice League movie inLondon and new details on the 2017 sequel have made their way online.

JoBlo brings word that the film is no longer a “Part One” as Warner Bros.originally announced but instead a standalone movie with a “lighter tone”than the previous two films. The film’s basic plot surrounds the formation ofthe titular group, a wholly unique story line for a superhero movie, while alsoseeing them pursue three Mother Boxes on Earth. These Mother Boxes willalso be just sitting on our planet waiting for the film’s mainvillain, Steppenwolf, to come and get them and have been for some timeapparently as The Amazonians and Atlanteans will each have their own. For whatpurpose, only the plot knows.


Regarding the heroes that compose the team, Ben Affleck’s Batman willbe gaining a new vehicle called “The Flying Fox” to transport his teammatesin; a tank-like vehicle called “The Nightcrawler;” but also an updated armorand a new suit by the film’s end, whose differences will be unseen asthey’ll be underneath his current costume. The Flash will have cobbledtogether his initial costume in the film with pieces of stolen tech, includingheating tiles as seen on the bottom of the space shuttle. Cyborg’s costumewill be 100% CGI and Wonder Woman’s is the same as seen in Batman vSuperman. Willem Dafoe has also been confirmed to be playing therole of Vulko, an Atlantean that is Aquaman’s mentor.

Gizmodo also has a breakdown of a scene from the film featuring BruceWayne’s initial contact with Barry Allen and recruitment into the JusticeLeague. The site reports Barry Allen returns to his ‘warehouse’-sizedapartment to find Bruce Wayne waiting for him and holding a photo of the Flashvideo we saw in Dawn of Justice. The pair exchange dialogue:

“That’s a person who looks exactly like me but is definitelynot,” Allen replies. “Hippie, long hair, very attractive Jewish boy. Hedrinks milk, I don’t drink milk.” he jokes as Wayne starts to walk over to ared suit standing in the apartment.

“I know you have abilities, I just don’t know what theyare,” says Wayne.

“My special skills include viola, web design…” Allenrambles as Wayne examines the suit and notes it’s made of a very specific heatresistant material. “Yeah, I do competitive ice dancing,” Allen says.

“This is the stuff the space shuttle uses to prevent fromburning up on reentry.”

“…Very competitive ice dancing?”

Just then, the film turns to slow-motion as Bruce Wayne hurls oneof the razor-sharp, bat-logo-shaped throwing stars he used in BvS at Allen.Allen looks at it inquisitively as it passes him in slow motion then, with aprofound realization, grabs it out of the air. Silence, surprise, and then:“You’re the Batman?”

“And you’re fast.”

“That feels like an oversimplification.”

Bruce tells Allen he’s putting together a team of people withspecial abilities because he believes enemies are coming. Barry immediatelywants to be part of it, and Batman can’t help but ask why he’s agreed soquickly. “I need friends,” says Barry, just before holding up thethrowing-bat/star. “Can I keep this?”

Finally, Ben Affleck confirmed that he will direct the upcoming solo Batmanmovie but that he won’t begin production on it until the script is ready.

Directed once again by Zack Snyder, Justice League will bereleased November 10, 2017.

 BY Spencer Perry